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Social Media Strategy

Ideal for – Businesses looking for long term results on Social Media

You can post a photo, boost a post, and reply to a few comments, but do you have a real strategy in place for your social media? Formulating a strategy that aligns with your brand ensures that you don’t waste time and money on actions that do not serve your goals or bottom line.

We help you to decide on your final destination and provide the roadmap to get there. You can choose to execute internally (we recommend pairing with our ongoing support option), or we can take the reins and execute the strategy for you in a whole scope management approach.

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Paid Social Ads

Ideal for – Most businesses

As our most popular service offering, this option will allow you to expand your social reach and accurately target your ideal demographic. As Social media becomes more and more a paid advertising platform, we believe that no business should rely purely on organic reach. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok Ads are a highly targeted, low-cost avenue to secure sales or leads for your business compared to traditional marketing avenues (if correctly structured).

Objectives include (but are not limited to); Lead Generation, Increased Website Traffic, Website Sales, Brand Reach, Database Generation, Event Promotion & Launches. 

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Ideal for – Businesses looking to increase customer enquiries or bookings

If you are looking to increase sales, service enquiries, or simply boost your mailing list, Clique has the expertise in running top-tier Lead Generation campaigns across the most popular social media platforms to secure you those leads.

When combined with our Email Marketing service, we can nurture those leads from initial clicks on social to hot leads, ready to convert! 

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Content Creation

Ideal for – Businesses who want to stand out from the crowd with authentic and relatable content

Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing. The type of content you should be creating to stay relevant changes over time, but the need to create it does not!

Photography, video, digital editing, blogging, stories and reels are just some of the ways that Clique creates unique content for our clients to make you shine on your social channels. We will inspire your customers and audience with emotive and engaging creative that delivers and engages. 

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Email Marketing

Ideal for – Businesses looking for long term customer engagement and retention

Building long-term relationships with your customers and supporters are crucial to returning business. We understand that building an email database is important, but nurturing it through automated email flows and attention-grabbing campaigns can turn a new website or social media visitor into a lifelong customer. We create a more meaningful experience for your base while growing your brand’s reputation and awareness.

We support all campaign platforms and are an official Klayvio Partner.

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Shopify Integrations

Ideal for – Businesses or businesses looking to increase sales with an optimised shopify site

When it comes to ecommerce, the capabilities of the Shopify platform and integrations are unmatched. We work with our clients to improve user experience and maximise conversion rates.

We have experience managing multiple Shopify integrations including but not limited to;

Review Platforms, Social Media Shop Integration, Bundles, Upsells, Email Marketing, Retargeting, Affiliate Marketing + More  

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Meta Business Manager Support

Ideal for – anyone who needs help in this area!

Over the years we have had so many enquiries around navigating the “Business Manager” platform that we created an ongoing service to help business manage this with confidence. 

Meta Business Manager Support can include but is not limited to; Account set up, audits, acquisition tidy up’s, virtual training sessions, account restriction troubleshooting, catalogs and shopping, collaborations manager, ad accounts + more

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Education & Training

Ideal for – Anyone looking to up-skill in the social media space.

Our Education and Training packages are built around the needs of your business. Training could take the form of either group workshops or 1-on-1 strategy sessions. Workshops and sessions are structured around where YOU will get the most value (no cookie-cutter Facebook-101 here).

Training sessions are monthly (minimum 2 hours), and you will receive direct support from your facilitator throughout the month to execute your learnings best.

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