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Conversion objective for Facebook Ads

If you are an eCommerce business, optimising for conversion is the MOST important tool in your online toolbox!

Having said that, it is crucial to understand the functionality of the objective because it is also a straightforward way to burn money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

First thing’s first – make sure you have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website (need help with setting this up, let us know).

Second things second. What even is a “Conversion”?

A conversion is an action taken on your website tracked by your Facebook pixel. This can be but is not necessarily a purchase. Conversions can also include “Add to cart,” “Enter Payment Details”, “Add to Wishlist,” + more, depending on the setup of your website.

Sounds great… BUT! What they don’t tell you: You should only optimise for conversion on a semi-established eCommerce site.

To optimise for Conversions, you need to have a minimum of 15-25 conversions per week. EG, you need 15-25 genuine “Add to Cart” actions before you can optimise for the “Add to Cart” conversion, or 15-25 genuine “Purchases” on your website per week before you can optimise for “Purchases”.

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This minimum number of conversions provides Facebook with sufficient data to learn about those people who convert and make assumptions about those people who are most likely to convert within your target audience and then deliver your ads to more of those people. 15-25 conversions is a bare minimum. 50-100+ is ideal, and the more conversions, the better, as this provides more data for Facebook to work with.

So, what if you don’t have enough conversions to optimise for conversions?

We suggest that you use the “Traffic” objective instead of driving as many people to your website as possible to build up these numbers and enable you to use the conversion objective in the future.

What metrics should you monitor on the conversion objective?

  • ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Cost Per Conversion

KPI: We always aim for our adverts to convert a minimum of 5x our Facebook Ad Spend

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