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Streamlining your Facebook Ads Set up in 2022

We’ve all heard the saying that less is more, and never is it more true than when approaching your Facebook Ads Strategy. With so many objectives, audiences and creatives to “test”, it is very easy to get carried away by giving everything a go and getting nowhere!

Here are a few ways to structure your ads like a pro, and avoid spreading your budget butter too thin. 

  1. Keep all ads with the same objectives under the same Campaign where possible. Toggle CBO on for similar-sized audiences and CBO off for controlled budget on vastly different sized audiences. 
  2. Combine Audiences into the same ad set when they are at a similar level in their sales journey (EG – Lookalike audiences based on your website views and Lookalike audiences based on your Instagram interaction could be combined, but your abandoned cart audience would be best kept separate). 
  3. Instead of running each ad creative separately to test against each other, consider using the dynamic creative setting and adding all potential creatives into the same ad, and letting the algorithm do it’s thing (this will also get you out of the learning phase faster!).

We’re also noticing that the time it is taking for ads to optimise fully is increasing, therefor every “test” campaign in your strategy is an investment. Streamlining your approach will enable you to get out of the learning phase faster by allocating more of your budget to fewer campaigns. 

Feel like you’re forever in the “testing” phase? Lets chat about getting your Facebook Ads actually working for you in 2022. Contact us on info@cliquesocial.com.au

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