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Positive vs Negative Sentiment

Haven’t got anything nice to say?

How you frame your messaging has a huge impact on the outcome of your content or advertising. You may not even be aware of whether your messaging is positive or negative, so without getting too far into consumer behavior… let’s break this down.

❌ Negative framing focuses on terrible outcomes or current situations. Eg. “More than 4,000 die every year because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt”
✅ Positive framing focuses on optimistic outcomes: Eg. “Seat belts save more than 13,000 lives every year”

Studies have shown, social media advertising is more successful when you appeal to positive human emotions within your messaging. Facebook has even put guidelines in place for ad copy that is targeting personal attributes whereby positive framing is a must to get your advert approved so that users do not feel personally attacked.

More Examples? Ok.
❌ Need to lose some extra kgs after lockdown? – Negative feels. Bad
✅ Start your journey to health and happiness – Positive feels. Good

This is a really interesting A/B test to run – try it out for yourself.

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