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Our 4-tier approach to Facebook Ad Success

When it comes to e-commerce campaigns, how you (or your agency) structure your advertising campaigns will be the difference between a marketing dollar black hole and a sustainable return on investment. There are several ways to approach your Facebook Ad set-up (and every business is different), but buckle up and take notes; here is our 4-tier approach that we start with for every client (building out, testing and adding on from here).

Tier One – Prospecting.

Prospecting = New customers! Although we’re not expecting products to fly out of the warehouse at this touchpoint, it is vitally important to be consistently in front of new eyeballs. This allows tier allows you (and Facebook’s algorithm) to learn about your future customers, what they respond to, and their level of interest in your website/products.

Suggested Audience Types – Broad Interests

Tier Two – Conversions

Where the magic happens; optimising for conversions! This is when Facebook will show your ad to people who are most likely to make a purchase or meaningful conversion action on your website. It is tempting to pour 100% of your budget into this tier, but rest assured that Tier one has actually set Tier Two up to claim the ROAS glory.

Suggested Audience Types – Refined Interests, Lookalike Audiences

Tier Three – Retargeting

Here’s where you can get straight-up tactical with your targeting. Retargeting people that have visited your website based on which pages/products they have viewed in the past is a great way to claw back that uncompleted sale. Some businesses like to use a dynamic catalogue or offer a small discount to entice their customer back to the store.

Suggested Audience Types – Past Site Visitors (Tip: Exclude recent purchasers)

Tier Four – Retention

Depending on the nature of your business and product, a retention campaign could be a massive game-changer for your social campaign, and Facebook Ad strategy. This is where you directly target people who have already purchased from your website (within a defined timeframe) to either upsell the customer with a related product or prompt a repurchase. For example, If you are selling skincare, build a campaign that reminds them to top up their routine products and suggests new products that complement their routine.

Suggested Audience Types – Returning Customers

There are often other “sub-tiers” involved in a successful strategy, but by the rule of thumb, you’re setting yourself up for success if you’re thinking about these FOUR elements when structuring your e-commerce campaigns.

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