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LinkedIn Advertising in 2022

Clique Social Media has experienced a LOT of changes over the past two years regarding online advertising. None have been more surprising than the shift in digital advertising budgets to LinkedIn; well, except maybe the return of the ‘prehistoric’ QR code, which has found a new lease on life in the COVID world.

LinkedIn’s tagline is “Do business where business is done”, so it should be the number one platform for your Business to Business (B2B) marketing goals. So, “Do you need to consider LinkedIn?” Much like FB advertising, consider your audience – where are they, what platform they will use, and when is the best time for THEM to read posts. We highly doubt your’ decision makers’ are sitting on Facebook within business hours unless it’s part of their job like us.

If you have established that LI is where your audience, or at least a large percentage of them, it makes sense to use some of your digital marketing spend on that platform. LI is where other businesses, leaders, and consultants are, so it’s an advertising winner if they are your target. 

B2B marketing can be tricky, but with the right strategy, you can successfully build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads, all from your LinkedIn Campaign Manager. 

Linked In Ads Manager

One of the easiest ways to gain traction on your LinkedIn page is to allocate some budget towards an Engagement Campaign that will: 

Drive engagement on your content through likes, comments, and shares. 

Promote clicks to a landing page, LinkedIn Page 

Increase LinkedIn Page follows. 

LinkedIn describes engagement ad campaigns as “in the middle of the marketing funnel, which engages your targeted audience.”  

If you need help on where to start with the giant beast that is LinkedIn Advertising, contact us today and let’s get your B2B marketing running like a well-oiled machine! 

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