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Facebook Ads – Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views

Link Clicks vs Landing Page Views – Do you know the difference?⁠

When setting up a Facebook campaign, two of the optimisations available are “Link Clicks” and “Landing Page Views” (among many others). We’ve chosen these two objectives to highlight today as they are often confused; and the confusion can lead to an incorrect comparison of data between campagins.⁠

So here’s the lowdown: ⁠


These guys are going to be CHEAPER. Does that mean they’re more cost-effective? Not always. The link click metric actually includes ALL clicks on your Facebook ad, not just clicks to your website (eg. link clicks, clicks on media, post reactions, comments, shares, and more). ⁠


More expensive, yes. More beneficial, almost always YES. Landing Page Views represent when people land on your destination URL after clicking a link in your ad. And that’s where you want them. ⁠

In summary – a Link Click campaign is going to look better to the untrained eye, coming in at a lower cost per action, however, Landing Page Views are almost always more beneficial when you want those clicks to be heading to your website. Be sure not to compare the two as they are apples and oranges 🍎🍊⁠

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