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Growing your Instagram audience in 2022

Looking to attract a bigger audience on Instagram? Who isn’t?!

Here are our tips on building your account and hitting those marketing goals.

Optimising your profile for Search and Explore

Potential followers have multiple ways of discovering your brand on Instagram, starting with a simple search.

This feature has improved quite a bit over the last year – simply adding a few keywords to your profile can help your account pop up in a search.

Followers may also stumble across your business through content on the Explore page or Reels tab. Regardless of where they spot your account, they will likely visit your profile before deciding to follow.

So, it’s important to feature your most compelling content on your profile. We recommend including Story highlights that introduce your business, branded hashtags and a bio link with helpful resources and prompts.

Create original content

Although reposting other accounts’ posts and sharing memes isn’t against the Instagram guidelines, these content types don’t necessarily help when it comes to growing your audience.

Instagram now ranks content in terms of originality, meaning it’s essential to create content that is unique to your business.

Publish reels

When planning your content mix, it’s vital to prioritise videos over photos. After all, Reels are featured in prominent placements like the Suggested feed, Explore Page and dedicated tab in the main menu.

Use relevant hashtags

Although hashtags won’t necessarily help with views, they can help your account appear in searches. We recommend using three to five relevant hashtags, including brand-specific ones.

Engage with other accounts

Put your brand on more people’s radars by interacting with other accounts. Create a list of key accounts in your space – think influencers and other brands – and like, comment and share their content.

Be consistent

A regular and consistent publishing schedule allows your followers to see and engage with your content reliably and, in turn, helps you retain followers and prevent them from leaving.

So next time you plan your Instagram content, incorporate these tips and watch your follower count rise!

If you would like help growing your Instagram and creating a strategy that works, you can book time with our Senior Partnership Manager, Bec Giles, and see how Clique can make it happen.

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