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Google’s GA4 changes will impact your online sales

Suppose you are using Google Ads or Google Insights for your digital marketing. In that case, you might have seen the banner recently above your Ads Manager about Google Insights changing to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and thought, “What’s this now?” 

To break it down in the simplest terms, which the release paper from Google could take a page from, Google used to provide analytics and insights about what your customers, clients, and, well, everyone were doing online based on information collected about what people have been doing online. This data would go into an algorithm, and they would give Google Ads advice, or you would get web insights based on this data. What Google is doing with GA4 is bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning into the mix to better “predict” what people are doing online and how effective ads are. 

See? Even the simplified version could be a little confusing. There is a lot under the hood for this change, but the long and short of it is that this is a BIG game changer for how you look at your Google data, especially around “add to cart” and “page view” events. 

If you are used to going into your Google Ads manager and having a look at what your ads are doing, you are going to need to do a little training to understand the new system. Luckily, Google has provided several tutorials around this to get you ready. 

So, what are the main advantages of these changes? 

Besides more detailed analytics around your ads, machine learning will be integral in predicting your audience’s future online behaviours. It will allow you to leverage purchase probability, churn probability and even revenue prediction to help you identify predictive audiences and rocket power your Google Ad search ad campaigns. 

While the previous insights focus on a customer’s online journey, GA4 will be hyper-focused on your customers’ online acquisition, engagement, purchase, and retention. The GA4 change will be very powerful regarding what type of ads and, more importantly to Google, how much you spend on those ads. 

Overall, this is a digital marketer’s most welcomed tool for 2022-2023, as Google is still an essential piece of any digital marketing strategy. While there is a lot to unpack with GA4, rest assured that the team at Clique Social is all over the changes, so if you would instead leave this to us to implement for your digital strategy, contact Bec today and learn how Clique can use GA4 to supercharge your digital marketing. 

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