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Campaign Budget Optimisation – Explained

CBO – Campaign Budget Optimisation…. sorry what?… Let us explain.

You might see CBO and think that it’s a new government organisation, but it is instead one of the best ways to increase your Facebook campaigns. Facebook advertising now offers a CBO option on campaigns with more than one ad set. The idea is that you set an overall campaign budget, set up multiple ad sets within this, and the algorithm will filter the budget through the best-performing audiences and creatives to get the biggest bang for your buck!


  • You have 5 products for sale on your website.
  • You set up a Facebook advert to promote each one.
  • You budget $50 per day to promote these products with some Facebook advertising.

You’d assume this would be $10 per item per day, correct? Maybe you could manually shuffle the budget around as you go if you start seeing sales for one product out-perform another. Traditionally, this is how Facebook marketers have run campaigns for years, but as technology advances, so do we. So let’s take the guesswork out of the exercise.

Let us introduce you to the revolutionary… “CBO”. You’ll see CBO as a checkbox on the campaign level when setting up a new advert. By turning this on you’ll be allowing the algorithm to automatically allocate your entire spend based on what will get you the best ROI.

It’s a no-brainer! Let Facebook do the hard work for you! 


Campaign Budget

It is amazing what Facebook can do you for and your business when things are set up correctly. Clique Social Media has been doing this well before META was a thing and we are focused on help you and your business grow online.

If you need help setting up CBO for your advertising, shout out! (or send us a message, we might be out of earshot).

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