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Connecting through your social media content

Connecting with your audience on social media can sometimes be a struggle, especially when you’re stuck with outdated content strategies and tactics.

Creating and curating content that speaks to people who find your brand on social media is critical.

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to share content – so here’s how you can attract a loyal community direct to your business.


Don’t get us wrong… everyone loves a good cliché from time to time. They’re easy enough to write, are easily recognised, and are a great option when you don’t have enough time to come up with something original.

But, they invite cliches in return. Social media communities are built not just through content but conversations – if you’re speaking primarily through parroted phrases, you’re essentially shutting the conversation down.

There’s no new information, no opinion, and no natural feeling.

Although these posts may fill up your content calendar, they won’t do much in developing a relationship with your followers.

So, let’s level up.


Sharing insights into your brand is an excellent way of connecting with people, and it is essential for conversations and lets people know what they’re buying.

Show your audiences something different – consider behind-the-scenes perspectives and new product designs, or introduce a team member they haven’t met yet.


Although people are often quick to share their personal opinions on social media, brands are somewhat reluctant to do so.

With research indicating that consumers want brands to take active stances on significant issues, brands need to share their values and opinions – in a respectful and considerate way.


Time for a check-in: you’ve attracted a loyal audience, shared information on your brand, and shared a few opinions. Your relationship with social media is on track to grow and deepen.

Now it’s time to share some feelings. We’re talking about all the emotions your audience experiences throughout the customer journey – curiosity, anticipation, delight…

Tap positive and negative emotions to build connections and relate to your audience.

So next time you plan your Instagram content, incorporate these tips and watch the likes, comments and shares roll in!

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