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Organic Reach – Is it really dead?

Organic Reach

Let’s face it, Organic Reach – or the number of people who see a specific post without paid promotions – can be pretty pitiful.  Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook tend to operate as a ‘pay-to-play’ sites, meaning you really don’t get much for free anymore.  However, reaching new audiences organically isn’t something you should overlook.   As […]

How to Grow your Instagram Account using Hashtags

hashtag strategy

Crush Your Hashtag Strategy in 3…2….1…. Knowing which hashtags to use on your posts can be daunting, and more than often than not we find businesses have a “hit and hope” strategy when it comes to choosing the right ones. So we thought we’d break this RIGHT down for you in the simplest way possible. […]

Building Brand Loyalty on Social Media

Brand Loyalty Dog

Brand loyalty, AKA the tendency of consumers to continuously purchase one brand’s products over another. Consumer behavior patterns demonstrate that consumers will continue to buy products from a company that has fostered a trusting relationship. The invention of social media has enabled brands to nurture these trusting relationships with their consumers like never before. If […]

Positive vs Negative Sentiment

Haven’t got anything nice to say? How you frame your messaging has a huge impact on the outcome of your content or advertising. You may not even be aware of whether your messaging is positive or negative, so without getting too far into consumer behavior… let’s break this down. ❌ Negative framing focuses on terrible […]