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LinkedIn Advertising in 2022

Digital Marketing isn’t just about Google or Facebook ads, if you are looking for great B2B conversion don’t skimp on LinkedIn!

Streamlining your Facebook Ads Set up in 2022

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We’ve all heard the saying that less is more, and never is it more true than when approaching your Facebook Ads Strategy. With so many objectives, audiences and creatives to “test”, it is very easy to get carried away by giving everything a go and getting nowhere! Here are a few ways to structure your […]

Introducing; Instagram Reel Ads

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When spending an hour scrolling through Instagram Reels feels like mere minutes, the engaging format of these TikTok-style videos clearly keeps audiences hooked. Launched in 2020, these 15-to-30 second clips can be viewed in Instagram’s Reel tab and Explore page. As the popularity of these short-form videos continues to grow, so does their potential as […]

Facebook Ads – Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views

Link Clicks vs Landing Page Views – Do you know the difference?⁠ When setting up a Facebook campaign, two of the optimisations available are “Link Clicks” and “Landing Page Views” (among many others). We’ve chosen these two objectives to highlight today as they are often confused; and the confusion can lead to an incorrect comparison […]

Buying Facebook Likes vs Paid Advertising

Facebook page likes. The more the better right?! Not always the case. A higher channel body count definitely gives your business more credibility, but the most important thing is to establish quality over quantity. It is much more beneficial to have 1000 fans who are passionate about your brand and love to interact with you, […]

Automatic Placements For Facebook Ads

Automatic Placements for Facebook ADs – why you should be using this feature! It’s tempting to think you know your audience better than the platform – but there are huge positives in letting it do it’s thing, finding the right people in the right places for you. Here’s why you should be using automatic placements […]

Campaign Budget Optimisation – Explained

CBO – Campaign Budget Optimisation…. sorry what?… Let us explain. You might see CBO and think that it’s a new government organisation, but it is instead one of the best ways to increase your Facebook campaigns. Facebook advertising now offers a CBO option on campaigns with more than one ad set. The idea is that […]