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Launching your brand website

Knowing what to build into a brand new website can be daunting, but Clique has the quick tips to make it as easy as pie.

The forgotten key of writing copy

While the terms and tech behind copywriting might have changed over the years, one very crucial strategy has stood the test of time.

Facebook Cover Art: Time for a change!

When clicking onto your Facebook page, the first thing a user notices is the Facebook cover art. Although this part of your business’s social media page doesn’t seem that important, trust us when you say your Facebook cover art can make or break the consumer experience. In the seconds it takes for users to glance […]

Organic Reach – Is it really dead?

Organic Reach

Let’s face it, Organic Reach – or the number of people who see a specific post without paid promotions – can be pretty pitiful.  Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook tend to operate as a ‘pay-to-play’ sites, meaning you really don’t get much for free anymore.  However, reaching new audiences organically isn’t something you should overlook.   As […]

Streamlining your Facebook Ads Set up in 2022

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We’ve all heard the saying that less is more, and never is it more true than when approaching your Facebook Ads Strategy. With so many objectives, audiences and creatives to “test”, it is very easy to get carried away by giving everything a go and getting nowhere! Here are a few ways to structure your […]

Ecommerce Hack – Double Dip with Outsourcing and Up-skilling

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Bitten off more than you can chew with your online business? Ask any new eCommerce business owner if they underestimated the amount of work that went into their venture and you’ll get an overwhelmed YES in response.⁠ ⁠ There is so much to think about it’s hard to know where to start – Which Website […]