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Mother’s Day Advertising collaboration with Homebodii and Monika Rad

Long time Clique client Homebodii (Advertising Management Package) has always been a strong player in the field of influencers. A stunningly aesthetic brand, it is not difficult to see how influencers seamlessly align with their vision and messages of empowerment.

Leading up to Mothers Day, Homebodii teamed up with former Miss Universe Monika Rad to talk all things Motherhood, modelling and cosy robes.

Mother smiling with baby as she wears a Homebodii robe

To make the most of this fantastic collaboration, we came up with a strategy to maximise social exposure by utilising “Branded Content Ads” on Instagram to compliment our Mother’s Day promotion.

Branded Content Ads are a collaborative setup that allows a business to promote paid content through the medium of a creator’s channel.

As defined by Meta:

“With the permission from a creator, businesses can boost a branded content post using Ads Manager, which will then appear as an ad on people’s Instagram Feeds. Advertisers will have the ability to reach people who are relevant to your business, beyond the creator’s followers.”

Monika Rad posing in Homebodii pajamas.

This relatively new advertising style requires a bit of setup from both parties (business and creator) but uniquely benefits both.

Benefits to the business: The ability to reach users through an authentic medium with more organic content to the viewer and platform.

Benefits to the creator:  Extended channel reach and exposure for their channel, paid for by the business.

Things to keep in mind when using Collaborative Branded Content Ads:

  • Be certain that your brand aligns with the creator’s audience and vice versa
  • Communicate your spend intentions and content expectations clearly
  • Ensure your campaigns are set up with an intended objective (i.e. conversions)
  • Ensure that your creator accurately conveys your objective in their content (pre-approval recommended)

*Branded content ads and collaborative ads are a rollout feature you may or may not have access to yet. Please reach out to the team for more info! info@cliquesocial.com.au

Mother posing with baby in Homebodii robe

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