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Can BeReal fit into a digital marketing strategy?

You may have heard of BeReal… the newest kid on the social media block.

As the name suggests, authenticity is the game’s name on this platform. BeReal alerts users at a random time of day, and the users must snap a picture from both sides of their camera within 2 minutes. This gives their friends an insight into what day-to-day life looks like. As you can imagine, BeReal is the opposite of Instagram’s filtered, posed highlight reel. Unlike TikTok, Be Reel is engineered to encourage you to check up on your friends rather than grow your following.

Is this style of social media platform here to stay?

Tiktok seems to think so! After watching Gen Z flock to BeReal, Tiktok has launched TikTok Now, an experience that works in a similar way. Whether this platform is here to stay or not, it is becoming abundantly clear that social media users are demanding more authentic, spontaneous social media platforms.

How would it fit into someone’s digital marketing strategy?

BeReal does not fit neatly into a standard digital marketing strategy. Due to the nature of the app, it is unlikely that influencer marketing will be an effective strategy. More fatally, there is no paid advertising on the app.

However, this has not prevented apps from testing the waters. BeReal has been utilised by brands such as Chipotle, E.L.F Cosmetics and Sour Patch Kids to build authenticity and strengthen the connection of their community. Through actions such as:

1. Sharing exclusive discount codes with the brand’s followers on BeReal.
2. Showing behind-the-scenes operations to increase the perceived authenticity of the brand.

While BeReal may not take centre stage in your digital marketing strategy, it has highlighted a significant trend: consumers want more authentic and spontaneous content.

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