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Calling in a Instagram Influencer

Who would have thought a decade ago that one of the biggest businesses online would be Instagram Influencer? With the sector tipping to grow to over $16.4 billion (with a capital B) in 2022, it’s one of the biggest.

You might be one of the many businesses now wondering how you can tap into the Instagram Influencer market to help your brand grow and need some help to get started; Clique has you covered. We have been working with and watching them grow since the start, and we would love to help you understand how it can benefit you better.

Many think that with the rise of TikTok, Instagram might be slowing down. However, with Statista estimating that Instagram users will reach 1.4 billion by 2025, it’s still one of the biggest platforms to incorporate into your digital marketing plan.

Are all influencers the same?

Not at all. Like in other business sectors, there are different Instagram influencer levels.

The basic breakdown is:

Mega: 1 million plus followers
Macro: 500k – 1 million followers
Mid-Tier: 100k – 500k followers
Micro: 1k – 100k followers
Nano: Up to 1k followers

Many would love to jump to the Mega level to get that nice business bump. Still, when getting the likes of Kylie Jenner could cost you a cool $1 million, it might be out of the budget and, surprisingly, might not work the way you want, as different influencers work better with different niches. A smaller-tier influencer might work better for your goals than a high-tier one, so it’s essential to do your homework.

Before deciding what Instagram influencer will work best for you, some internal processes must be thought through. For starters, what are your business values, and how would an influencer reflect them? If your business focuses significantly on environmental issues, it might not be a great look to have an influencer known for using a personal jet daily.

The business value will work closely with the following focus: knowing your audience. Knowing their wants, troubles, and needs means that not only can you select an influencer that will relate to them, but it’ll help create a campaign that will engage.

Where do you find an Instagram influencer? To save yourself the hours of searching, you can quickly look up hashtags that reflect your brand or a competitor to see what influencers are working within that sector. You’ll be able to detect a paid post as influencers have to mark those posts as either “paid post” or “sponsored post”.

After doing the work and narrowing down the influencers you might want to work with, it’s a great idea to look at some of the sponsored posts that they have done before to see what type of campaign will work for you and them; it could help seal the deal to know the areas that they are already comfortable with promoting. It’s also a great indicator of how they will represent your brand with how they engage with their audience in the comment section of the sponsored posts.

Depending on the size of the influencer, it can be challenging to contact them. You can try the direct contact method, but most influencers would have many inquiries every day. If they are smaller influencers, a direct method may work well. For the bigger ones, they may use an agency. Luckily, many of those agencies have inquiry forms you can fill out to get quotes and book consultations.

What’s the spend?

The big question is what is the cost of using an influencer, and it won’t surprise you that the bigger they are, the more they will cost. According to the experts, the cost per influencer lever breaks down to roughly:

Mega: $10k+ per post
Macro: $5k-10 per post
Mid: $500-$5k per post
Micro: $100-$500 per post
Nano: $10-$100 per post

The pricing of the posts should be factored in when calculating your return on investment (ROI).

Working with Instagram Influencers can seem like a bit much if one hasn’t worked with them before; alternatively, you can let us manage your influencer promotions. The team at Clique has worked closely with several influencers of different tiers to help with our client’s digital marketing. You can contact our Senior Partnership Manager, Bec Giles, to book a risk-free consultation to see how Clique get a powerful social influencer working for you.

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