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Building Brand Loyalty on Social Media

Brand loyalty, AKA the tendency of consumers to continuously purchase one brand’s products over another. Consumer behavior patterns demonstrate that consumers will continue to buy products from a company that has fostered a trusting relationship.

The invention of social media has enabled brands to nurture these trusting relationships with their consumers like never before. If you’re purely looking at your social channels as a sales tool, this is where you’re missing out.

Here’s a few things you can try, to build relationships with your customers on social media:

  1. Participate in banter – a few lols really do go a long way. GIFS are your friend.
  2. Ask for their opinion – Need to choose between A & B for your next product line? Ask your community which they prefer (and create buzz for the upcoming release while you’re at it).
  3. Feature your customers. How does John use your product? What does he love most about it?
  4. Create interaction driven content. EG. If you’re a pet-related brad you may ask people to show you the last photo they took of their pet.

None of these angles directly ask the consumer to purchase your product, but relationship building is proven to have long term positive outcomes for your bottom line.

Try these out and let us know how you go!

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