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24 Apr, 2022
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Clique has a brand new home!

The iconic California Lane in Brisbane's trendy Fortitude Valley just got even better as Clique Social Media is now making it home.

28 Mar, 2022
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Facebook Cover Art: Time for a change!

When clicking onto your Facebook page, the first thing a user notices is the Facebook cover art. Although this part of your business’s social media page doesn’t seem that important, trust us when you say your Facebook cover art can make or break the consumer experience. In the seconds it  Read More »

27 Jan, 2022
Organic Reach
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Organic Reach – Is it really dead?

Let’s face it, Organic Reach – or the number of people who see a specific post without paid promotions – can be pretty pitiful.  Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook tend to operate as a ‘pay-to-play’ sites, meaning you really don’t get much for free anymore.  However, reaching new audiences organically isn’t  Read More »

11 Nov, 2021
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Introducing; Instagram Reel Ads

When spending an hour scrolling through Instagram Reels feels like mere minutes, the engaging format of these TikTok-style videos clearly keeps audiences hooked. Launched in 2020, these 15-to-30 second clips can be viewed in Instagram’s Reel tab and Explore page. As the popularity of these short-form videos continues to grow,  Read More »

09 Dec, 2020
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Buying Facebook Likes vs Paid Advertising

Facebook page likes. The more the better right?! Not always the case. A higher channel body count definitely gives your business more credibility, but the most important thing is to establish quality over quantity. It is much more beneficial to have 1000 fans who are passionate about your brand and  Read More »

01 Jul, 2020
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Automatic Placements For Facebook Ads

Automatic Placements for Facebook ADs – why you should be using this feature! It’s tempting to think you know your audience better than the platform – but there are huge positives in letting it do it’s thing, finding the right people in the right places for you. Here’s why you  Read More »

09 Dec, 2018
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How to rebrand your Facebook page

A question we hear a lot: “I’ve rebranded my business – can I rebrand my old Facebook page?” If you run your own business, you will know that things change – ALL the time!  To keep up with developments or stay in line with your offerings, you may choose to  Read More »

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