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Automatic Placements For Facebook Ads

Automatic Placements for Facebook ADs – why you should be using this feature!

It’s tempting to think you know your audience better than the platform – but there are huge positives in letting it do it’s thing, finding the right people in the right places for you.

Here’s why you should be using automatic placements when setting up Facebook ads.

Maximize results

Automatically allocate your budget toward the most cost-effective audiences across several apps and services.

Optimize ad delivery

Let machine learning help you effectively improve delivery in real-time.

Extend reach

Automatically connect with your audience where they spend their time across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger and more.


Tip: When using automatic placements, ensure that you customise some creatives to fit the placements so that they don’t look out of place (i.e Stories).

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