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5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Professional Today

A social media professional might be initially low on the priority list when bringing your company or brand online. However, after just a few moments of “playing around” in the social media sandbox, you can quickly understand why a social media professional is a must-have part of your digital toolbox.


Who is currently running your social media, and how much time are they spending? If the answer is a current staff member, yourself, or manager, who has a broad idea of how Facebook works, ask yourself where this person’s skills are best put to use? Is it spending hours trying to coordinate a marketing channel that they don’t know a lot about? Or are they best utilised in the forefront of the business where they are experienced and efficient? By taking this burden off yourself or your staff, you are freeing up time for them to excel in the job they were hired to do, and they will be putting more $ in your pocket in the process.

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Experience, Experience, Experience! We say it three times because it’s THAT important. A good social media professional knows what works and what doesn’t. They have had years of trial and error throughout the years and have grown alongside the fickle social media creature. There is no need for your business to be a guinea pig, wasting valuable time and money.

Knowledgeable Resource

If you’re lucky enough to capture a social media professional with experience in your industry, they have worked with several other companies very similar to you. You can pick their brains for industry trends and tips to improve your online and offline business, just like the team at Clique that offers several expertly researched blogs just like this one.

Peace of Mind

You no longer have that niggle in your mind telling you that you’re not doing enough online, you’re getting left behind, or you could be doing better. With the right Social Media professional on your side, you can rest easy knowing that you see positive results every week!

Return on Investment (ROI)

The pièce de résistance for any business trying a new marketing strategy. Take into account how much business needs to be generated to pay the fee of your social media professional per week. Work this out in terms of products sold or services provided. Your investment is well and truly justified if your social media management can generate enough business to meet and exceed this figure. Use these figures as benchmarks (not goals, your goals should be higher than the justification).

Sitting down with the experts in the field means that when your digital strategy launches, you’ll have a great chance of success; most offer a no-obligation consultation to help you best understand the digital landscape you are about to embark in.

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