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TikTok advertising in 2023

4 Reasons Why you Need to Advertise on TikTok in 2023

OK, gig’s up – you’ve probably been ignoring TikTok as a serious marketing platform for a couple of years now, but now is the perfect time to give the platform a little more attention, and here’s 4 reasons why;

  1. A Broad, Engaged and Excited Audience. TikTok has been the FASTEST adopted Social Media app in… well EVER, and users spend an average of 45 minutes per day scrolling through their FYP. Demographics have broadened greatly over the past couple of years, meaning it’s no longer a teen focused favourite.
  2. Your creativity is at the forefront. TikTok puts the focus back on favoring great creative. It’s less about how many dollars you can put behind a campaign and more about what your audience resonates best with.
  3. The platform is maturing for advertisers. When TikTok first introduced paid ads, we were the first to put our hand’s up to try it out. Results were… varied. Since then, the ads platform has improved in leaps and bounds and is something we now see as a power-drill in our social media toolkit
  4. Your competitors are probably not there yet. Beat them at a game that they’re not playing!


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